New line of computers from Agzybirlik Tilsimaty: a synergy of innovations

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Agzybirlik tilsimaty JV, a manufacturer of computer and electronic equipment in Turkmenistan, will release 160,000 laptops for first-graders by the new school year. The design and configuration of the line of educational computers was developed by specialists of the Computer Technology Center of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan in conjunction with Chinese specialists with the support of the founding companies of the joint venture.

Last year, the company has already produced over 80 thousand educational computers for schools in Turkmenistan. In collaboration with Chinese developers, an improved laptop model was created, where the original motherboard circuit was used, and processor power and RAM were increased significantly. Screen size - 10.1 inches. As the director of “Agzybirlik tilsimaty” Azat Chorekliyev emphasized, the recommendations of specialists were taken into account when developing the design and parameters of the laptop.

The model is convenient to use, according to the director of the joint venture, equipped with a multilingual interface and allows the student to work with any training program, including remotely. All applications are designed for primary school students. The development of these programs was carried out jointly with specialists from the educational sector of Turkmenistan.

In addition to training programs, the operating system allows you to install various development applications. Today, the Agzybirlik tilsimaty enterprise, focused on the successful implementation of the state program for the development of the electronic industry, is working with Chinese partners to produce prototypes of laptops, tablets, all-in-ones, personal computers, equipment for trade automation, and even such complex specialized software systems like servers. In addition, the company is assembling PCs based on the Intel processor. This year, over 4 thousand computers designed for office work, games, as well as for graphics and design will be released. The first batch of products under the joint venture brand was assembled in April this year.

Agzybirlik tilsimaty also works closely with Microsoft's largest multinational software company and Intel's leading manufacturer of electronic devices and computer components. This provides a good export prospect for products of the Turkmen brand, since Agzybirlik tilsimaty is the only enterprise of this level in the Central Asian region today. Successful entry into the market will be facilitated by an optimal price-quality ratio.

Given the increased demand, the company is expanding production capacity. In addition to the assembly line, equipment for testing personal computers and laptops is installed in accordance with the requirements of world standards. Specialists who have received certificates from the prestigious Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) will be involved in the work.

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